S.T.E.M. Center of Excellence

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The E3 STEM Center of Excellence was formed by partners and leaders of the West Texas Energy Consortium. The virtual center was established to strengthen STEM professional development; as well as, student college and career readiness. The Center is built on three tenets - Engage - Educate - Employ

There is a nationwide push to create learning opportunities surrounding traditional and non-traditional STEM opportunities and while every school is doing just that the ESTEM Center also realized that availability of practical resources and time to find those resources are just a couple of the obstacles facing a number of ISDs.

The E3 Center of Excellence is also for those students or parents and educators helping students find their calling and career pathway. Career exploration has a renewed sense of purpose and is an opportunity for students to start thinking and dreaming about what career they would like to pursue. 



"How do we expect young people to dream if they don't know what they can dream about?" 

- American's Promise Alliance




So whether you or your student dream of a career in STEM, Business & Industry, Public Service, Arts & Humanities, or any other career you may wonder or have questions about; there is something here for you. We have searched far and wide for those resources, information, tools and ideas that we think will best serve YOU in your journey to discovery.  


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