S.T.E.M. Center of Excellence

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Our communities are faced with attracting more students to STEM related careers that are in high demand.  At the heart of the E3 initiatives and projects is the identification of skills and training required for current and forecasted workforce needs. We are constantly working on STEM programs and collaborations with the goal of retaining youth in school and preparing them for a whole spectrum of skilled and professional occupations. This STEM Center will provide students and parents insight into the popular and some of the little known careers that are associated with Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, a complete career exploration and college readiness resources. 

The greatest impact the E3 Center of Excellence will have is through its support of a variety of education initiatives that lends to improved performance, encourages curiosity and ulitmately will benefit YOU THE STUDENT or YOU THE EDUCATOR. While the overall emphasis of this center is focused on STEM, we at the West Texas Energy Consortium believe that there is a whole world of career pathways that will take you in many different directions and quite possibly different parts of the world. So whether you are inspired to pursue a career in a technical field or study for a future in any of the 5 endorsement areas; we want to provide you with all the resources to explore, ask questions, and engage with students, educators, colleges and industry experts in your own backyard or across the state.



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