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As a business leader, company, or organization you might be wondering how STEM initiatives like the E³ Summit, Regional Youth Career Fairs, Virtual Center of Excellence, and other programs apply to you. Energetic young minds may be years away from college or career, but what they learn today will shape how they perform in the jobs of tomorrow. Your engagement in these initiatives is crucial to reach students, parents, and educators with top-notch resources and opportunities for their development. Your support ensures we are not just cultivating a pipeline of highly skilled future employees for the West Texas region, but that they will have the skills to meet your needs. Those needs are evolving. Over the next few decades, jobs will become increasingly automated. STEM applies to nearly everything in that regard! Career and technical skills are most often grounded in STEM. Millenials are also shifting workplace expectations, from the 9am-5pm workday to remote work. Technology will underpin nearly all the jobs of the future. The shape and face of the workforce is changing. Are you ready?


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The following three documents are for you the employer/worksite to evaluate the experience and assist in preparing for the externship experience.

Employer-Educator Extern Work Plan [you will build this with your educator(s)]

Evaluation of the Educator by the Employer

Evaluations of the Externship Program by the Employer

The documents below are what the educator(s) assigned to you during the externship will utilize to gain a full understanding of the industry and activities that we suggest they incorporate into the experience. These are for your information and to assist you in creating an experience that is beneficial to both you and the educator.

Questions to Ask at the Worksite

Externship Experience Suggested Activities

Learning Audit of a Worksite

Get Involved

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